Now to celebrate the Brand’s 30th Anniversary, Bugs is back for more and Team Jordan is better than ever. This page celebrates Bugs Bunny’s role as the “Hare behind the Air”, his career achievements, and the original Hare Jordan shoe design process.

Roles: Sr. Art Director, Design Lead.

Responsibilities include:

  • Pitching overall brand heritage stories to Warner Brothers and Jordan
  • Determining the overall look n’ feel of the page
  • Overseeing creation of all visuals including integrating archival photography assets with custom vector artwork and custom-made downloadable desktop and mobile wallpapers
  • Accounting of all brand assets (visual and copy) for Warner Brothers, Nike, and Michael Jordan legal review
  • Providing production-ready Desktop and Mobile files for AEM developer counterparts in Western Europe, China, and Japan to accommodate and support GEO launch-timings