• Gathered the appropriate information to make the strategic business case for the creation and implementation of a global font to key stakeholders
  • Acted as the prime liaison between Strategic Procurement, Accounting, Finance, Legal, Brand, Global Environments and International Markets to analyze UA’s immediate needs
  • Created and coordinated the pitching process for all shortlisted  type foundries

A typeface is the fabric of a Brand. It can elevate the words it is expressing, making great ideas even better. Armour Type was created for every form needed, from Light to Extra Bold, Condensed to Extended. Under Armour is expanding globally and requires a distinctive and unifying corporate typeface that supports all of the world’s major scripts to meet the wide diversity of user needs and systems. All of the typefaces and styles should be available in opentype, truetype with opentype features for PC and Mac.

Armour (3003 Glyphs), Armour Condensed (544 Glyphs), and Armour Extended (544 Glyphs) was created by Dalton Maag and released April 2015.