Art-direction and redesign of the primary logo, core visual system, and events signage and graphics were based on Under Armour’s 2 flagship technologies: Armour 39 and Speedform. Using Adobe After Effects and the Red Giant Plugin “Trapcode” Form, each piece of art was manipulated by the Form particle system instead of by hand.

Innovation — not fashion — has emerged as the lifeblood of the $80 billion athletic apparel and equipment business. But in-house innovation is often limited by personnel, budget and corporate culture.

So trend-setters like Under Armour are looking outward for technological leaps forward. Which is why, on this Friday afternoon, seven nervous innovators — weaned from a field of more than 4,000 applicants — have 10 minutes to stand in front Under Armour’s founder, and a panel of his peers, and convince the group that they’ve got The Next Big Thing. – USA TODAY




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Light Bohrd Wins Under Armour Future Show 2013: A concerned father who worried about his teen-age son longboarding at night. So, he devised a motion-based lighting system for the front and back of his son’s longboard (a longer type of skateboard). Next, the father tweaked this technology, which he dubbed Light Bohrd, to be placed inside shirts for joggers who run in the dark. The technology is driven by a tiny, rechargeable lithium battery embedded into the apparel.