Development of FW14 Run/Train Footwear PhotoShoot Process and resulting Photostyles Brand Guidelines.

This project established the Tier 02 Product photography creative POV and templatized that process which could be handled in-house. Tier 02 photography needed to look and feel more premium than basic product photos suitable for e-commerce but not as cost and time prohibitive as full campaigns.

Directly responsible for spearheading the following process enhancements:

  • Evolved Layered shoot techniques first developed in the SS14 Run/Train PhotoShoot/Guidelines to include accessories, seasonal atmospherics, and more complicated backplates
  • Interdepartmental Crop and Layout Guidelines that work allow global branches and vendors across media to create on-brand campaign assets (from POS – Online/Mobile)
  • Strategic File-Naming Conventions that combine Category, Season/Year, Gender, Style, SKUs # + colorway; and Filetype. This structure allows development, production, advertising, and third party teams to accurately track distinct assets
  • Keywording and  Search was based on the file-naming convention but now includes both photographic AND vector graphics